The Dashwood Family and Yarmouth Church

The Dashwood Family and Yarmouth Church

The Dashwood family did a lot for Yarmouth Church. They let their garden be used for the garden parties to raise money for the Church. Mr Cuthbert played the organ.

It was funny but when the three ladies came to Church on Sunday mornings, they all came separately. Miss Teresa sat upstairs (it was not all that safe even in those days), Miss Constance sat down the front and Miss Caroline half way up the church. I think they must have fallen out at this time as they had a family row.
They were a very thrifty family. It used to amuse my Gran because when they received Christmas cards they would stick paper over who had sent them and then write on them again.

When I was a Girl Guide they let us perform a garden ballet there on the lawn. The ladies came into the garden to watch with their sun shades up. It was all such fun for us children.

I remember Mr. Cuthbert for a special reason on my wedding day. A new vicar had just arrived and somehow the date of my wedding hadn’t been passed on to the organist. My mum rushed up to The Mount to find Mr. Cuthbert, who arrived in his gardening clothes to play for the service.
Delia Whitehead nee Hunt b 1934

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