Susan Hayles, Mary Hayles: Harbour, Sports

My father, Harold Hayles was on the Carnival Committee for many years, so my sisters Mary, Chris and Sally and I were always very involved.
We really looked forward to Carnival Week, as we still do now. Squeak and I practised the pair oared rowing for weeks and we entered all the events. All the money we won was spent at the Fair. Sue Russell nee Hayles b 1940

For passing the 11+ I was bought a dinghy, a proper clinker one. We desperately practised rowing for weeks ready for the harbour sports. The ladies’ race went right out round the buoy off the pier. It was our chance to earn money for when the funfair came. I don’t think I ever tried the greasy pole – it was stuck out from one of the army boats in the harbour and dipped right down at the end. Mary Lord nee Hayles b 1936