Stuart Holloway: Free Time, Yarmouth Institute

Yarmouth Institute 1930s

Yarmouth Institute 1930s

Perce Bennett was President after the war. When no longer a Billiards player, he would always provide the young chaps with a “tanner” for the light meter so they could play and he could watch.

Bert Ablitt enjoyed playing Billiards with the younger players so he could coach them. When a wrong shot was taken, Bert would replace the balls, explain the best shot to play and let the young player continue.

The Institute has always been the relaxation centre for local people, led by local tradesmen. In 1952 when the “Old Comrades Club” based in the Castle was wound up, the ‘old comrades’ wanted somewhere to play cards and billiards as they had done in the Castle, and many transferred membership to The Institute.

With the help of Chris Kinsella (landlord of the Wheatsheaf) the Institute established a bar in 1971, the most significant change in the history of the Club.

Youngsters are still encouraged to come in and make use of the facilities and build on the knowledge of older participants at the Billiard or SnookerTables.
Stuart Holloway b 1937