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The Yarmouth and Thorley Voices book


 Yarmouth and Thorley Voices is a record of memories of earlier years; some are happy, some funny and some tragic. Many things have changed over the years, but the unity and strength of the community remains as steadfast as ever.

I have been amazed at the detailed recollections that have come forward, with photos, records and memorabilia. This is a social history of Yarmouth and Thorley; a flavour of how people lived their lives in good and not so good times.

These are ordinary stories by ordinary people which tell of extraordinary efforts in meeting the challenges of the times.

Yarmouth Town Council was pleased to support the Yarmouth and Thorley Voices Project in obtaining a grant from West Wight Landscape Partnership, topped up by the Delphie Lakeman Trust.

I trust you will enjoy reading the book as much as I have, and that you will take the opportunity to add to the web site.

Steve Cowley, Mayor of Yarmouth and Thorley   2013

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How the book came about

At a meeting of locals less than a year ago, I was heard to say that someone should write down some of their stories and yarns; it would make a good book. The response came: you get people to tell the stories, I’ll write them down.

Those stories reflect a close-knit community of people proud of their families and their town or village; courageous, companionable, content and knowing their immediate surroundings, the sea and the countryside.

Those of us who have been involved in interviewing, talking and recording have been fascinated, entertained, amused and occasionally saddened.  We thank all those who have been so generous with their time, their memories and precious photos. Without them there would be no book or website.
Peter Scott

The chapters
Publicly released on 21st July, 2013,

Get in touch
We’d love to hear from any of you, with memories or photographs of Yarmouth and Thorley. It is our aim for the website to carry on what was started in the book, and keep a rolling record of our area.

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