Jean Tiffin: Shops, Glasspool’s High Street, 1960s


My first job when I left school was at the Chemist (now Black Rock Insurance ) on the corner of South Street and the High Street.  In the morning the first thing I had to do was to clean the brass – brass door handles and brass scales.

On the wall were big sliding cupboards with alphabetical drawers –  A for Aspirin and R for Rennies. There were lovely glass display cupboards with glass tops, doors to the window displays and two big shaped bottles with green and red liquid in them. The door to the Dispensary was a glass- etched saloon type.

There was a nearly life- size cardboard cut out Kodak girl – we had a new one each year.

Glasspool's photo envelope

Glasspool’s photo envelope

Effie and I served in the shop wearing white ‘Alexandra’ overalls, and Mr Glasspool had a grey coat. We made tea in the dispensary and took it in turn to buy the biscuits.

The medicine bottles were kept in the air raid shelter in the garden and if it rained, water dripped off the light. We had a choice of colours to put with the bath crystals.

We sold Scholl sandals and shoe dye so I used to dye my sandals different colours to make them special. Jean Tiffin nee Ault b 1948