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A small, but passionate team have been working for several months on the Yarmouth and Thorley Voices project. The core team involved in the project are Jill Cowley, Margaret and Peter Scott, Diana Cokes, Terry Kelsey and myself, Simon Perry.

Why Voices?
There were many reasons that we settled on the name ‘Voices’ for this project.

One of the central ones was that we wanted the actual voices of those people to be heard by current and future generations.

Clearly that’s not something we could achieve in a book (The Book is an incredible achievement for such a small team), so it’s one of the reasons that we have created this Website – so you can listen to how people said the words reproduced in this book.

The Website – a living version of The Book
This Website comes with lots of other advantages too, such as

  • It’s a ‘living document’, meaning that information will continue to be added to it;
  • People from around the world can learn more about how Yarmouth and Thorley became the places they are today;
  • There is no limit to how much material we can add to this Website, so you’ll be able to find loads of material that we’ve not been able to include in the book;
  • And, most importantly for us, it’s open for anyone, from around the world, to be able to add their personal or family memories of Yarmouth and Thorley to it, be it text, audio or photos.

Please get in touch and become involved.

Facebook page
There’s a Facebook page called Yarmouth Voices. It has no connection with this project.

Simon Perry, OnTheWight

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