Blanche Kennard: WWII, WRNS billets 1940s

My first billet was Gordon House in the High Street, (where Glasspool’s Chemist was, now Black rock Insurance). Years later I’d walk past and look at a window and think, that was my room. There was a sort of dormitory for seven WRNS on the top floor in the Pier Hotel (The George) and lots more at HMS Manatee ( Norton Holiday camp). I had my 21st birthday when I was stationed at The Pier Hotel.

Pier Hotel

Pier Hotel post card from Mike Holden

The central office was in the Pier Hotel, dealing with signals although we never knew much. It was ‘XDO West’ and the WRNS Officer in charge was named Greenshields. Blanche Kennard nee Dore b 1922

Navy at Yarmouth, Pier hotel

Navy at Yarmouth, Pier hotel