Yarmouth people

Many people have come forward to have their memories of Yarmouth recorded for posterity, as you can see from the growing list below.

We’d like to encourage everyone with a Yarmouth connection to contribute as well.

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

  • You can leave your written contribution/addition on any of the individual stories;
  • Submit a photo to be added to our collection;
  • If you’d like to be interviewed, get in touch so we can make arrangements to meet;
  • Or you can get involved in helping develop the project by becoming a volunteer.

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.

Yarmouth people
Alec Cokes
Annette Haynes
Barbara Dence
Brenda Garlick
Brian Pomroy
Carol Corbett
Christine Woodhead
Colin Smith
Delphie Lakeman
Diana (Di) Broomfield
Effie Pitman
Eileen Smith
Elizabeth (Betty) Coates-Evans
Florence (Florrie) Sloper
Geraldine (Gerry) Sheldon
Jane Blake
Janet Hopkins
Janice Perkins
Jean Maitland
Jean Tiffin
Jennifer (Jennie) Osborne
Joan Cokes
Joanne Meaning
John Caulcutt
John (Jack) Harwood
Joyce (Joy) Lawry
Leslie (Les) Turner
Margaret Scott
Mary Lord
Nicholas (Nick) Chandler
Palma Ault
Pam Broadhead
Pat Burt
Patricia Finch
Pauline Harwood
Philip (Phil) Kelsey
Richard Lawry
Rodney (Rod) Corbett
Rodney (Ron) Wallis
Ruby Meaning
Ruth Mills
Serena Dias de Deus
Stuart Holloway
Susan (Sue) Russell
Terry Henderson
Terry Kelsey