Eileen Smith

Year of birth: 1921
Nee: Lansdowne
Address when joining school: South Street

About Eileen
Eileen Smith, Thorley’s oldest resident, moved to Blacksmith’s Cottages after WWII, then in 1952 to North View, Thorley.

Born in Yarmouth 1921, she spent her early years there at school and working for Mills, until volunteering for the ATS in 1941. She married Ralph Smith in 1945 and after demob, lived in the tied cottage in Blacksmith’s Lane, then briefly with her parents in Yarmouth. She moved permanently to Northview with Ralph, and sons Peter, then Mike, then daughter Jean.

Eileen is remembered for her years of service caring for St. Swithin’s Church. Her detailed knowledge of the village of Thorley and of Yarmouth throughout the years has been a source of great amazement, and we have enjoyed laughing at some of her stories with her. We are grateful to her for her time and generosity in sharing her photos and her memories.

She lives at Northview with Mike who cares for her.

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