Pam Bone: Thorley, St. Swithin’s Church, 1950s, 1960s

Thorley Church, St. Swithin's 2010s

Thorley Church, St. Swithin’s 2010s

As a family we would go to the local church regularly and when I was older I was in the Choir. I went to the local Sunday School run by Miss Pearce and I collected the required number of religious stamps until I had enough to get a free bible.

The church was quite a significant focal point of the village. It was also very significant for me when I started school because it was where I knew the conductor rang the bell for us to get off the bus opposite our house when we came home from school. I used to worry that he would forget to do this and I would be carried off to the wrong stop. Pam Bone nee Cotton b 1948